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We have written two books: one is a novel which depicts the story of a baby elephant who gets lost in dangerous terrain. The other is a book which gives kids a guide to improving their health. Both of them use science to help guide us all the way through!

Alex and Sophia are determined to help protect wild elephants from deadly poachers. They fly to Africa to visit their friend Themba, a park ranger. Their plan is to deliver a camera disguised as elephant dung and see some sights. But when they arrive, they learn that a baby elephant named Bandile is missing. He was swept away from his herd while crossing a river. Where could he be now? Alex, Sophia, and their friends must find Bandile and return him to his family. But the African plains are full of danger, from car trouble to crocodiles! Will they be able to rescue the baby elephant in time? 

SUPER ME is an acronym for the elements that are proven to unleash the power of any kid's brain. In this fun, colorful, illustrated, intriguing and educational book by kids for kids, Alex and Sophia Sherzai (aka The Science Kids) present different ways on how to bring out the infinite potential of any kid's brain! It's a book that helps you use the scientific method to better understand the world around you and especially the elements that can help bring out the SUPER YOU.

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